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Planned Workout-Guided by Netrin Enhance

When a personalized plan is added, “No Planned Workout” transforms into your tailored plan.

  • Examples include Cardio (Zone based Training) for endurance building or Full Body Training for overall fitness

Recommended Sessions

This is available only for users with a subscription to one of Netrin’s Plans and has a Planned Workout scheduled for the day.

  • The app will recommend starting the day with a “Readiness Test” in the Session Selector, by default.

  • Once you complete the Readiness Test, the app will now recommend the “Planned Workout” for the day.

2. Choose Your Workout

To select a different session, navigate to your session choices by clicking on the “>” symbol next to “Freestyle Workout” as seen in the image above

Available Session Types

  • Freestyle Workout: Jump into a workout that suits your current mood and energy level.

  • Readiness Test: Assess your workout readiness in 2 minutes

  • Planned Session: Access workouts scheduled specifically for your fitness goals.

  • Quick Workout: Engage in short, high-impact exercises for busy days.

  • Checkpoint Test: Assess your heart health with a fun, quick workout.

1. Connect Your Sensor

After connecting your sensor to Netrin Enhance, you will be prompted to start your fitness journey with our versatile workout options. Click START to start the session.

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