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1. Permissions

Before registering the sensor, the app shall ask for a few permissions. Please,

  • Turn on the Bluetooth

  • Turn on the mobile data

  • Allow location access

2. Sensor Registration

There are two easy ways to register your Netrin sensor:

  1. From Home Screen

  2. From the Menu

From the Home Screen:

Simply click the 'Register New Sensor' button right on the home screen.

From the Menu:

Alternatively, you can access the 'Sensor Details' section by clicking the 'Hamburger (≡) menu' located at the top-left corner of the home screen. From there, you can register your sensor with ease.

  • After this, the app will initiate the scanning process for the ‘Available sensors’.

  • To make your Netrin sensor discoverable, simply touch the pins located on the back side of the sensor.

  • Each Netrin sensor has a unique 12-digit ID number, which can be found on the back of the sensor.

  • Look for this 12-digit ID in the list of Available sensors, and then simply touch to connect or "pair" with it.

Once the connection is established successfully, you'll see the 'Start' button on the home screen from where you can start taking the sessions.

Before Taking Session:

  • Wear the strap around the chest and adjust its tightness accordingly. Ensure that the strap is in proper contact with your body.

  • Ensure the Netrin logo on the sensor and the strap is pointed upwards, align the pair of metal screws on the sensor with the metallic contacts on the strap, and gently press until you hear a 'click' on each contact for proper attachment. 

  • Please refer to the video for visual guide.


After The Session:

  • Detach the sensor from the strap and take off the strap from your body. Removing the sensor from the strap improves battery life.

  • Rinse the strap under running water and hang to dry. Alternatively, the strap could be cleaned using a dry cloth and sanitiser. Clean the strap after every session to maintain quality data collection.



Note- In rare cases, the strap may cause mild rashes depending on your skin sensitivity. If rashes appear, a moisturiser or baby oil could be applied to the contact areas.

Let us see how to wear the sensor before connecting the sensor to the app

If your Netrin sensor is already connected to the app, then you're all set. 

However, if your sensor isn't registered yet, just follow the simple steps below,

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