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Embark on a journey to a healthier you with Netrin HeartCore,
a platform that puts your heart health at the center of your fitness journey.


Get ready to elevate your fitness experience and achieve your goals with our seamless three-step process.

Step 1:
Downloading the app and account setup

Embrace the Power of Data

Start by downloading the Netrin Enhance app on your smartphone. Available on both iOS and Android, our app is your gateway to unlocking a wealth of insights into your heart health.

Your Personalized Hub

Create your account to access a personalized dashboard tailored to your fitness journey. Log in to know your heart health, track progress, and discover a world of data-driven motivation.

Step 2:
Sensor Setup and Usage Instructions

Unboxing Your Heart Health Companion

Upon subscribing to our plan, you should have received your heart health sensor. Unbox the future of your fitness journey—compact, powerful, and ready to accompany you on every workout. Here’s how to use the sensor

Seamless Integration

Follow our easy-to-understand setup instructions to connect your sensor to the app. Once paired, your sensor becomes the key to unlocking real-time heart health data during your workouts.

Over-the-Air Updates

Experience continuous improvement with firmware updates delivered directly to your sensor. Enjoy the latest features and enhancements hassle-free.

Step 3:
Meet the Nudge team and Achieve Your Goals

Your Personal Fitness Ally

Say hello to your Accountability Manager—a dedicated companion to keeping you on track. Receive motivation, tips, and encouragement tailored to your progress and goals.

Set and Crush Your Goals

Define your fitness objectives, and let our Accountability Manager guide you every step of the way. Celebrate achievements, overcome challenges, and witness the transformation in your heart health.
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Support and Resources

Need assistance at any point? Please mail
Our support team is always here to ensure your experience is seamless.

Ready to Transform Your Workouts?

Download the app, set up your sensor, take sessions and
let the Accountability Manager guide you to a healthier, happier you.
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