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Regular ECG Chest Strap (Sensor is not included)



Adaptable chest strap to harness the Netrin ECG sensor on your chest that makes it extremely sensitive to your heart’s electrical signals, providing maximum precision for heart rate readings and eliminating interference. 


Recommended for regular use with light to moderately intense activities.



  • Soft textile material for enhanced breathability
  • Slip-preventing silicone dots
  • Secure hook

Strap Size (measured around the chest)


Usage Instructions

The belt is hand/machine washable (max 30˚C/86˚F, remember to detach the sensor module before washing and use a wash bag if machine washed – DO NOT use dryer).

The belt should be rinsed with fresh water after each use, washed every 2-3 uses with mild soap, and hung to dry between uses.

Always detach the sensor module from the strap after use to allow the connection to dry and to maximize the battery operating time.

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