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30 minutes a day with Netrin HeartCore is all that you need to get fit.

We curate the simplest and most scientific way to get fit while having fun.


Netrin HeartCore combines the power of state-of-the-art wearable technology with AI-enabled data processing and leverages the experience of clinical experts to provide a holistic platform to improve your cardiovascular fitness and embrace an enhanced quality of life

Our Training Philosophy

When each one of us is different, how does a one-size-fits-all approach work for everyone?

For the first time ever, Netrin uses your heart as a controller of your workout intensities unlike using some cookie-cutter plans. By understanding your physiology in real time, we guide you throughout your fitness journey. 

Don't just do it. Do it right by putting your heart at the center of your fitness journey.


We aren’t just winging it.
Our methods are fueled by science and research at

IIT Madras 

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Wearable Technology

Making technology portable and comfortable to bring accurate monitoring to track daily activities rather than just limiting it to the lab based assesments

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Bridging the gap between science and reality of human performance in the right way unlike the trial and error approach

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Human Physiology

More than 10 years of experience in understanding human physiology and developing accurate algorithms for reliable data

Stories from our community

Our stories of conditioning some crazy hearts


I feel I have resumed my activities with more energy. The sensor has become a driving force for my activities with a check on my heart every day!

Altaf Tamboli

Defence Personnel


Dancing is not just happier, but safer now! They’ve changed my approach to fitness, enhancing my overall well-being. Their genuine care and encouragement made all the difference. 

Mahitha Mahesh

Software Engineer & playback singer

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