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Putting Your Heart at the center of your fitness journey

Your journey to a heart-healthy lifestyle begins here

Prioritizing your cardiac health is the first step towards unlocking life's possibilities.

Netrin HeartCore

How do we do that?

By bringing all the critical fitness components under one roof of Netrin HeartCore



Accurate and reliable Wearable that collects your ECG Data

Netrin Enhance App

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AI powered mobile app to guide your performance journey

Personalized Coaching

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Experts to support you at each step to result in a sustainable progress

Netrin’s Nudge Team

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Daily Nudges based on your data to keep you on track with your goals

Our products and methods are fueled by 10 years of research at IIT Madras 

Training Philosophy

Our Training Philosophy

When each one of us is different, how does a one-size-fits-all approach work for everyone?

For the first time ever, Netrin uses your heart as a controller of your workout intensities unlike using some cookie-cutter plans. By understanding your physiology in real time, we guide you throughout your fitness journey. 

Don't just do it. Do it right by putting your heart at the center of your fitness journey.


Stories from our community

Some heart healthy tales


From red zones to safer strides, I have seen myself transform. This is such a great service, guys. I am so happy to be a part of this program because of the exceptional customer service.

Shubham Khandelwal

Your journey to a heart-healthy lifestyle begins here. Start now!

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