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Transforming My Running Journey: From Redzones to Safer Strides

~Shubham Khandelwal, 
Head Program Management, SPRY


Super excited to prepare for half marathon with Netrin’s super cool and nerdy team of running coaches

From running in all red zone (2 months back) to now being able to run in more yellow and green (safe) zones, thanks Netrin Sports Technologies for helping me prepare for marathon effectively.

This is such a great service, guys. I was discussing with all my friends today how happy I am to be a part of the beta program because of the exceptional customer service I have received from Netrin so far. Please keep up the excellent work, and do share this message internally with everyone - the entire team deserves so much love from customers. My only request is that as Netrin grows (which I am sure it will), please continue to provide such amazing customer service."

"Most importantly, thank you so much for making my runs safer and introducing me to the never explored world of data-driven running. Super excited to prepare for a half marathon by next season with Netrin's super cool and nerdy team of running coaches."

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Shubham Khandelwal,
Head Program Management, SPRY


“Empowering My Cardio Fitness: My Journey with Netrin”

I'm glad to share my experience with the cardiovascular health training program provided by Netrin.


Thanks to their Zone based training and daily workout plans, I've noticed a remarkable transformation in my fitness level. Netrin stood out with its personalized approach. Previously, even basic exercises left me exhausted, but now I can effortlessly complete a 5k run while staying within the recommended heart rate zones. Before this program, I used to do Zumba, where my heart rate went beyond safety limits. But now with regular training, I feel more energetic and see my stamina improved well, that I'm able to do the same workout at a much lower heart rate.


I am truly impressed with the results and highly recommend Netrin's program to anyone looking to enhance their cardiovascular health and endurance. I look forward to continuing this journey with Netrin’s passionate team of fitness experts and their scientific approaches."

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Mahitha Mahesh, 
IT professional
a playback singer

Dancing is not just happier, but safer now!

~Mahitha Mahesh, 
Software professional &
a playback singer

Stepping up the aspirations: From walking to running

~Neelam Salva, 
A 55 year old Homemaker


“Empowering My Cardio Fitness: My Journey with Netrin”

When I enrolled with Netrin, walking continuously for even 2km felt like a challenge for me. I struggled with breaks during the sessions and experienced varying walking paces, which resulted in post-walk pain.

However, with the support and guidance of the incredible instructors, my progress has been nothing short of remarkable! After just a month, I can now comfortably walk 3.2 km without any breaks, a milestone I once thought was unattainable. The continuous walk and consistent pace are significant achievements for me.

The personalized training program has made all the difference. I now primarily stay in HR zone 1 during my walks, indicating a comfortable intensity level, and my post-walk recovery has improved significantly.

I am proud of the progress I've made and grateful to Netrin for empowering me to embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle. My journey with them has been transformative, and I look forward to long-awaited hikes. 

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Neelam Savla,
A 55 year old Homemaker


The amount spent in Zone 5 got reduced by 12.5%

As a passionate runner, I've always been committed to pushing my limits. However, I never knew how my heart was taking it before I started with Netrin. My baseline assessment showed how I was putting my heart at risk by running in HR zone 5. Though unlearning took a lot of time, I did a baseline of 10K after two months and saw exciting improvements. A few of them are:

1. A 12.5% reduction in the time spent in HR zone 5

2. I've managed to reduce the number of times I crossed the safe HR limit by 8 times

3. I've noticed improved consistency in movement load during my 10K runs, especially in the second half, indicating greater endurance.

4. All these enhancements, while maintaining almost the same timing, showcase the effectiveness of Netrin's personalized training.

Though there's still a long way to go, I'm elated by these significant improvements. Netrin's support and data-driven approach have been pivotal in elevating my running journey.

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Altaf Tamboli, 
Army Professional

Unlearning the learnings!

~Altaf Tamboli, 
An Army Professional

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