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Are you ready to power through your limits?

Are you ready to persevere until you attain each and every goal you set for yourself?

Well then, let’s get going!

Bio-hack your body into performing the best with Netrin’s expert solutions

Scientific Protocols

Scientific evidence based training program to meet your goals

World class Technology

State-of-the-art technology to capture your training routine

Personalised Interventions

Feedback based personalisation to optimise your performance

At your convenience

Online or in-person sessions based on your convinience

Your companions on the journey toward your running goals

  • UTMB 2023 CCC 100 km Finisher Only Indian
    Ironman Dubai - 70.3 - 2021 

  • 100 km Pune ultra marathon in 12hr36 min podium finish 2020 

  • 100km 01 time - 5th Position 2018

  • 50km - 02 time - Winner 2018 @ MEM

  • 62km Coffee Ultra Podium 2nd Runner up 2019 

  • 42km - 15 times 

  • 2020 Standard Chartered Dubai MarathonInternational marathon - 3Hr 28 min. 

  • 32 km - 01 time - winner at Durshet forest marathon. 

  • 10km - 16 times, 2-time winner, 1 Time Runner up

  • 21km - 57times, 1-time winner, 1 Time Runner up
    Ironman 70.3 Dubai - 2021 


Set a goal and pick a plan now!



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