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How to take a Planned Workout session in Netrin Enhance

Before You Begin

  • This option is available only if you have an active subscription and a workout scheduled for the current day.

  • For the best results, we strongly advise completing the Readiness Test before you embark on your Planned Workout. The app will show the Recommended tag for Readiness Test when you open the app for the first time in a day.

Initiating the Planned Workout

Session Selection:

From the home screen, tap on 'Planned Workout' in the Session Selector.

As shown in the image below, you can see Zone 2 Training as the planned session.

read 14.png

Signal Quality Check:

Upon clicking “START,” the app ensures optimal conditions by performing a brief signal quality check. This screen will let you know if your heart beats are being picked up by the sensor or not. It is essential to ensure that you have correctly positioned and worn the Netrin sensor (as described in the image on the screen). Failing to do so, would prevent the heart beats from being registered and you will be unable to click the “Start Session” button and therefore, start a session.

zone 2.png

Engaging in Your Workout

Keep an eye on your heart rate and current exercise zone displayed on your screen to ensure you’re training at the right intensity

ps 1.png
Click on “VIEW TRAINING PLAN” to access step-by-step exercise instructions complemented by video tutorials
planned sess.png

Expand the list of workouts to view the details. Move through your workout stages (Warmup, Focus, Cooldown). Click on an exercise to view how it is done and navigate back and forth using the “Prev” and “Next” buttons.

ps 7.png
ps 6.png
 You can enable auditory zone alerts via the settings to maintain your intensity within the desired range and ensure you don’t break into a higher zone than what is recommended by the Training Plan. To do this, click the ︽ icon to view the Audio Alert ON and OFF button.

Concluding Your Session

Press END SESSION when you complete your workout to transition to the feedback form. Here, you can evaluate your session and provide any comments for your records. If you wish, you can opt to bypass the feedback stage with a simple confirmation.
ps 8.png

Reviewing Your Session

Once you complete the session and add your feedback, you can see the Session Summary. Here, you can view and analyze important metrics like Session Average HR, Session Max HR, and Training Load to gauge the effectiveness of your workout.
For an in-depth review, select “SHOW REPORT” to generate a comprehensive PDF document, which can be shared externally using the sharing feature.
Note: Share your session report in PDF format via the share icon in the top right corner of the report screen.

Session Management

  • Session Interruption: Should you need to stop your workout prematurely, access the session controls by clicking the double upwards arrow icon and clicking “END”.

  • End or Discard: The app will ask you to confirm if you want to end the session and keep the data or discard it entirely.

  • Sessions under two minutes can be ended and discarded, acknowledging that they are too short for meaningful data collection.

  • For sessions exceeding two minutes, you will need to confirm your decision to discard to ensure no accidental data loss occurs

Additional Tip :Be mindful when choosing to end or discard a session, as this cannot be undone and affects the continuity of your workout history.
adya 5.png
adya 6.png
adya 7.png
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