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Discover your Netrin Heart Score
h Checkpoint

The gateway to understanding your heart health

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Introducing Checkpoint, a groundbreaking feature designed to redefine your understanding of heart health.


By delving into the core of your cardiovascular fitness, Checkpoint empowers you with a Netrin Heart Score and accurate insights, paving the way for a healthier, more active life.


Netrin Heart Score

Heart Health Simplified

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A comprehensive metric, bringing together pivotal parameters of your cardiovascular fitness, such as

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HR zones

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HR Recovery

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Training Load

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Movement Efficiency

Endurance Capacity

It is more than a score. It’s a gateway to personalized, actionable insights, meticulously crafted to guide your fitness journey.

How does it help you?

Instant Heart Health Insights

Leave your heart health worries behind with quick and accurate heart health assessments. Gain the upper hand by identifying potential issues before they disrupt your life, ensuring proactive health management.

Empowering Self-Discovery

Break free from limitations with personalized workout plans aligned with your Netrin Heart Score. Embrace the journey of understanding your body, setting realistic goals, and breaking personal records with new-found confidence.

Seize control of your heart health today
with Checkpoint and knowyourheart


Don't let this opportunity pass by.
Your healthier, happier heart is just a click away. Join the hundreds who have already taken charge of their heart health with Checkpoint.


Reach out and unlock the door to a fitter, more confident you.

Your heart deserves it.

Congratulations on getting started towards a healthier you. We shall get back ASAP.

Fists in Solidarity

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Take charge of your team's well-being with a Checkpoint. Reach out now!


Q: Is the assessment difficult to complete?

A: Not at all! The Checkpoint assessment is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. It is a guided process that ensures accurate results every time.


Q: How often should I take the assessment?

A: We recommend taking the assessment biweekly/ monthly to track your heart health progress and adapt your fitness routine accordingly.

Q: Does Netrin help with getting better, if I have poor heart fitness?

A: Yes, definitely we can! Our training programs are centered around heart health and lay the foundation for your cardiac fitness along with improving your overall fitness.

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