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If you are here, then you are serious about

getting fitter

Off late, we see the demise of a lot of seemingly healthy people, even stories of those who die during their workouts.

We have never really understood how our heart takes the exercises we do, have we?

Introducing the

Better Hearts Program

At Netrin, we have been closely monitoring the impact of exercises on the heart and how the heart responds to stressful situations in daily life. We measure them and present them as quickly understandable information to the user. We have been working with India's top athletes to improve their fitness and optimize their training and workout.


Through our Better Hearts Program, we are now extending these offerings worth Rs. 25000 to fitness enthusiasts at an inaugural all-inclusive discounted price of Rs. 6000* for three months.

Strong Man

This program is for you, if

  • you are worried that your exercise could result in an injury

  • you are not very sure how your exercise affects your body

  • you are worried that your lifestyle is having ill effects on your fitness

  • and most importantly, if you are committed to becoming fitter

This program is not for you, if

you are a heart patient or have heart-related irregularities/ illnesses

The first 30 people to sign up with us will get free

  • Netrin Professional Athlete Kit containing a heart rate sensor with batteries and two chest-worn straps

  • Access to the Netrin platform for three months to keep monitor and track your progress

  • Unlimited professional guiding sessions during the program with our Sports Physiotherapists and Sports Nutritionists to take your fitness to the next level

If you are interested in knowing your heart,

hurry and sign up here to be in the first 30.

We promise not to spam your inbox!

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