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driven by heart,
guided by experts

Run with Netrin

Run with Netrin

Though running seems to be simple, we believe that running performance cannot be improved with a one-size-fits-all approach. Run with Netrin is based on the proven methods of heart rate zone-based training.

At Netrin, coaches use personalized data analysis for each user, empowering them to make informed decisions about their training regime. We are a community of smart, data-driven runners zoning their hearts into a specific heart rate interval to unlock new running levels for them.

But our community goes beyond just the data, it's about the human element. Our expert trainers are always on hand to offer support, guidance, and motivation, ensuring that our users have access to a 360-degree support system.

By zoning your heart rate, you can:

Adjust your intensity to match your goals

Avoid Overtraining & Injuries

Improve speed and endurance, like never before.

Recover faster and break performance plateaues

Netrin HeartCore

Bringing all the critical fitness components under one roof to be "Fit by Heart"



Accurate and reliable Wearable that collects your ECG Data

Netrin Enhance App

Group 9282.png

AI powered mobile app to guide your performance journey

Personalized Coaching

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Experts to support you at each step to result in a sustainable progress

Netrin’s Nudge Team

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Daily Nudges based on your data to keep you on track with your goals

Netrin Enhance

We don’t leave you with just data

We curate and guide your workouts based on your data

Live ECG

Get access to Live ECG anytime anywhere


AI enabled workout programs

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To suit your cardiac profile and lifestyle



A scientifically designed assessment to understand your cardiovascular fitness

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Training readiness

HRV based “training readiness” score to understand daily recovery & guide your training accordingly

Zone based guided Training

Train the right way that’s best for your heart (not instructor’s) with realtime HR feedback integration

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Audio alerts

Live alerts according to the load on your heart to keep you in the optimal HR zone


heart rate tracking

  • Live audio alerts to keep you in the right HR zone.

  • Monitor and adjust training load seamlessly.

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Expert coaching
and analysis

  • Get personalized training plans prepared by your dedicated marathon coach.

  • Coaches track, analyze and optimize your training regime.

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Train like
elite a

  • Access to a team of nutrition, S&C and other experts.

  • Learn the strategies used by elite athletes to break through performance plateaus.

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Train smarter,
not harder

  • Prevent Injuries and avoid burnout.

  • Improve your Cardiovascular Endurance and use your energy more efficiently.

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