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1. User Feedback

When you decide to end your current session, you will be automatically taken to a screen where you can provide feedback. This feedback screen may vary based on whether you've just finished a readiness session or a training session. We've customized the feedback options to match your specific session, so you can easily share your valuable feedback and insights.
The readiness session is a brief session, lasting 2 to 10 minutes, designed to understand your recovery, while the training session is about your dedicated workout session and it should last for more than 10 minutes.
Although you have the option to skip the user feedback, but it's recommended to take a moment and fill it out. Doing so allows us to gain a better understanding about how your session went and it would also assist us in improving our services.

User feedback screen for a readiness session


User feedback screen for a workout session

2. Report Generation

After skipping or submitting your feedback, the App will automatically start the process of Report Generation. Prior to receiving the complete report, you'll be presented with a preview report. This preview report will provide you with information such as your resting heart rate and the average heart rate during your session.

  • Readiness Session Summary

In the readiness session summary report, you will find insights about your cardiovascular health. We include key metrics in the preview report, including the HRV RMSSD value, Session Average, and Resting Heart Rate.

  • Training Session Summary

In the training session summary report, you'll find essential details about your session which will help you to track your progress effectively. This report provides valuable insights, including information on your training load, the average heart rate during the session, the maximum heart rate achieved, and the most common heart rate zone you were in throughout the workout, along with the duration of time spent in each zone.

If you'd like to access the comprehensive report with more details, simply tap the 'SHOW REPORT' button located at the bottom of the preview report. Once you click on the "SHOW REPORT" button, the complete session report will be displayed on your screen.

  • Readiness Report

In this report, you will find a comprehensive overview of your session, including details shown in the preview report, along with a graphical representation illustrating your heart rate (measured in beats per minute or bpm) throughout the entire duration of your session. This graph provides an easy-to-understand visual of how your heart rate changed over time during your session. This report will also help you to understand and analyze your heart rate trends.

  • Training Report

In the training report, along with the details of preview report, you'll discover a visual representation in the form of a horizontal bar chart that illustrates how much time you spent in different zones during your workout session. This chart helps you understand the distribution of your effort.

Additionally, the report includes two graphs that provide valuable insights. The first graph displays your heart rate over the course of your entire workout, helping you track your cardiovascular activity. The second graph shows your movement load throughout the session, giving you a sense of your physical exertion levels.

Lastly, you'll find information on your recovery beats in the report. This data helps you gauge how well your body recovers after exertion, which is crucial for optimizing your training and overall fitness.


Please note that if your session lasts for a very short period, specifically less than 2 minutes, a session report will not be generated for such brief sessions. In such cases, these

short-duration sessions will be discarded by the App automatically.

3. Sharing Report

You can easily share your session report with anyone by clicking on the share icon located in the top right corner of the report screen. This button allows you to share your session report on various platforms. The report will be shared in a PDF format, which is a common and easily accessible file type.

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