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Your journey towards a heart healthy lifestyle starts here

What can you expect in this demo?

Why Netrin HeartCore?

Get to know why is Netrin HeartCore the best solution out there to improve your overall fitness in a heart healthy way

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Know the Netrin Sensor

Know the state-of-the-art ECG based chest wearable and how it can be a companion in your transformation journey

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Understand the services

Understand the service offerings that best suits you and the support you shall be provided by the experts to meet your fitness goals

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The pricing plans

Get to know the prices and special discounts. Choose the package that best suits your requirements

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Transformation stories

Go through a few happy stories of people who believed in getting fit by the heart healthy way

Metrics that matter the most

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Live ECG

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HR zones

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Training Load

B by B icon.png

Beat by Beat Heart Rate


Training Readiness

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Movement Intensity

Easy to share PDFs

Now session metrics are not just data on your phone, share the reports with the friends and family or even get expert opinions with easy to share PDF feature

AI enabled personalisation

The power of AI combined with cardiac expert suggestions to tune the workouts that are best fit for you

Reliable data

Get accurate and reliable data from the state-of-the-art ECG based chest wearable trusted by experts to guide your progress with science backed confidence

Netrin Enhance’s Features

Curated features that revolve around you, amplifying your performance journey with personalized support

Stories from our community

Our stories of conditioning some crazy hearts


I feel I have resumed my activities with more energy. The sensor has become a driving force for my activities with a check on my heart every day!

Altaf Tamboli

Defence Personnel


Dancing is not just happier, but safer now! They’ve changed my approach to fitness, enhancing my overall well-being. Their genuine care and encouragement made all the difference. 

Mahitha Mahesh

Software Engineer & playback singer

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