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How to take a Readiness Test
in Netrin Enhance

For user’s with active Training Plans

If you have a planned workout, the app will recommend starting the day with a “Readiness Test”. Simply hit "Start" to begin.
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Performing the Readiness Test

Detailed instructions will guide you through the Readiness Test process.

  • Lie down in a supine position and stay calm. Press “I AM READY” when you are set.

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Signal Quality Check:
Upon clicking “START,” the app ensures optimal conditions by performing a brief signal quality check. This screen will let you know if your heart beats are being picked up by the sensor or not. It is essential to ensure that you have correctly positioned and worn the Netrin sensor (as described in the image on the screen). Failing to do so, would prevent the heart beats from being registered and you will be unable to click the “Start Session” button and therefore, start a session.

Follow instructions to relax and breathe normally. Click “START TEST” to begin the two-minute timer. Relax and breathe normally during this period.
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Completing the Test

A chime will sound after two minutes, marking the end of the test.
Feedback and Comments:
You'll be directed to a feedback
screen. Rate how you are feeling and add comments, or choose to skip this step.
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How to interpret Your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) value from the Report


  • We require a minimum of 7 out of the last 15 sessions to provide historical context for your HRV data.

  • If this criterion is not met, the historical chart will not be plotted, and the HRV values will be indicated by a dash (-)

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Reviewing Readiness Report

The report includes metrics like Average Heart Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and HRV/RMSSD. Typically a high HRV/RMSSD value indicates good recovery from various stressors, but post days of high stress such a Races it can indicate requirement for additional rest

Click “SHOW REPORT” for a comprehensive PDF report.

Note: Share your session report in PDF format via the share icon in the top right corner of the report screen.

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When there is a historical data for more than 7 days, you will be able to see insights

High HRV: Indicates positive cardiac recovery and is coloured in green.

Moderate HRV: Reflects a moderate level of recovery and is coloured in yellow.

Low HRV: Suggests that your cardiac recovery may be less than optimal and is coloured in red.

The color-coding of your HRV provides a visual representation of your data's quality and your heart's recovery status. It helps you quickly gauge whether your current state is consistent with your usual levels, or if there are any notable changes that might require attention or adjustments in your training or recovery strategies.

rt_green - Copy.jpg
rt_red - Copy.jpg
rt_orange - Copy.jpg
Even when there is data of 7 sessions in the last 15 days, there can be days when your readiness insight might not show up in the report. This could be due to one of the following reasons:
  1. Data Quality Assessment

  • High Quality:  This is the ideal scenario and a report will be generated with your HRV value.

  • Poor or Missing Data:  HRV values will be shown in grey to reflect data quality issues. This typically occurs when you have either not worn your sensor/strap properly or, when there was an issue in collecting the data during the sessions

read 10.png

2. Readiness Protocol Check

Metrics Missing:  An "Improper Protocol" message will be displayed and HRV is shown in black, prompting you to check the redo the test again. The readiness test protocol requires the user to lie down without any movement and breathe normally

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3. Readiness Variation

High Variation: A message regarding high variation in HRV is displayed, and HRV is shown in black. This is shown when the readiness test is repeated in quick succession and the HRV values have a large variation across each test.

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Session Management

  • Session Interruption: Should you need to stop your session prematurely, access the session controls by clicking the “x” icon on the top right corner.

  • End or Discard: The app will ask you to confirm if you want to end the session

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After the Test

  1. Once the Readiness Test is complete, return to the home screen to see your next recommended session which will now be your Planned Workout for the day

  2. A green checkmark will appear next to completed sessions, in this case, your readiness session

​Note: Following this recommended sessions will help you effectively complete the Readiness Test. Your HRV is considered for tailoring your workout for the day based on your readiness to work!

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For user’s with no active Training Plans

The app will NOT recommend starting the day with a “Readiness Test”, if you are a user of Netrin Enhance who

  • is NOT subscribed to a Netrin Plan or,

  • has Paused their subscription or,

  • do NOT have a Planned Workout defined for the day 

In such cases, the user will see the default session type for the day as “Freestyle” and to start a Readiness test, click on the session selector (arrow) next to Freestyle and select “Readiness Test” from the list of available Sessions (as shown in the image below) to get started
​For details on how to take the Readiness Test and interpret the reports, please refer to the previous section in this page.
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