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Ironman and Ultra Marathon


Till you reach your goal


Rs. 12000/month

(6 months commitment)

About the Plan

Who is this for:
  • People looking to test the limits of human endurance

  • People who are looking for a thrilling experience

  • People who want to commit to a long-time extreme physical routine 

How can we help:

Training for an ultra marathon or Ironman can be a grueling experience. However, if you are committed enough and are motivated to take on the most challenging test of physical endurance, we can help you get trained for this thrilling experience. Netrin offers you a fully-packed training plan implemented with the help of coaches that have completed ultra-marathons and Ironman triathlons and deep-tech devices to bio-hack your body into performing. This training can be a life-changing event. Are you ready to take it head-on? Because we definitely are!

What’s included:

● Heart rate monitoring chest strap sensor

●Personal coach (Ironman finisher)

● Lifestyle assessment to monitor sleep and recovery

● Personalized sensor-generated report detailing key performance indicators for each training session

● VO2max

● Gait analysis


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