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How to take a Checkpoint Test
in Netrin Enhance

Initiating the Checkpoint Test

Session Selection:
From the home screen, tap on 'Checkpoint Test' in the Session Selector.
Start the Checkpoint Test
You will be greeted with a welcome message to the Checkpoint test, You can “PROCEED”
checkpoint 1.png
Instructions to get prepared for the Checkpoint test
checkpoint 2.png
Signal Quality Check:
Upon clicking “LET’S PLAY,” the app ensures optimal conditions by performing a brief signal quality check. This screen will let you know if your heart beats are being picked up by the sensor or not. It is essential to ensure that you have correctly positioned and worn the Netrin sensor (as described in the image on the screen). Failing to do so, would prevent the heart beats from being registered and you will be unable to click the “Start Session” button and therefore, start a session.
checkpoint 3.png

The Checkpoint Test

There are three aspects to the Checkpoint Test:

  • Warmup

  • Game Mode

  • Cooldown

Warm-Up: The session guides you through a 2-minute jogging-in-place exercise to elevate your heart rate. If you feel sufficiently warmed up, you may skip this step.

checkpoint 4.png
  • Game Mode: Engage in a game-like experience where you aim to maintain your position between two virtual lions, across 15 progressive levels of difficulty. Higher the Heart Rate, faster you move forward and vice-versa. So, spot-jog, jog or even pause to keep your heart rate such that you can keep yourself in the middle

checkpoint 5.png
checkpoint 6.png
checkpoint 7.png
  • Rescue Helicopter: A simulated rescue helicopter initiates a 2-minute cooldown period, helping you to gradually lower your heart rate.

checkpoint 8.png
  • Checkpoint Report: After completing the cooldown, view your comprehensive report by selecting “SHOW REPORT”

Note: Share your session report in PDF format via the share icon in the top right corner of the report screen.
checkpoint 9.png
checkpoint 10.png

Session Management

Ending the Session - At any point, you can opt to end the session. Click on End Test to wrap up the session manually.

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