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10K Run


12 weeks


Rs. 15500

About the Plan

Who is this for:
  • Active runners who have completed the 5K run and are looking for the next challenge

  • Active runners who want to improve their timing, strength, and endurance

How can we help:

Are you ready to take on a new challenge? Next up is 10K. If you have completed your 5K run and are looking to train for your first 10K, we have just the right training plan for you backed by experienced coaches who themselves are expert marathoners. Let’s explore what went right with your last training phase and double down on that with the help of heart rate zones. It’s time we strategically help you achieve your goals!

What’s included:

● Heart rate monitoring chest strap sensor

● Personal running and S&C coach

● Customized running plan

● Personalized strength and conditioning plan

● Personalized nutrition plan

● Hydration plan

● Supplement plan

●Personalized sensor-generated report detailing key performance indicators for each training session

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