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Half marathon


16 weeks


Rs. 24500

About the Plan

Who is this for:
  • Active runners who have completed the 10K run and are motivated to up their game

  • Active runners looking to safely build higher weekly mileage, endurance, and speed

How can we help:

Running a half marathon can be a stellar goal and a huge step up for runners who wish to run a full marathon but are not quite there yet physically. Training for a half marathon can help you safely build the right endurance, strength, and agility to boost up and power through long distances. Our 16-week extensive training plan includes apex tech solutions and certified coaches to holistically train your body and mind. Netrin’s heart monitoring sensor offers the most accurate data compared to other wearables and allows your coach to implement a perfect training plan.

What’s included:

● Heart rate monitoring chest strap sensor

● Personal running and S&C coach

● Customized running plan

● Personalized strength and conditioning plan

● Personalized nutrition plan

● Hydration plan

● Supplement plan

● Lifestyle assessment to monitor sleep and recovery

● Personalized sensor-generated report detailing key performance indicators for each training session

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