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To Be Fit

A smart stride towards fitness

Run with Netrin

Run with Netrin is based on the methodology of heart zone training. We are a community of smart, data-driven runners zoning their hearts into a specific heart rate interval to unlock new running levels for them.


At the core of our community, lies the belief that fitness is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Netrin runners use personalized data analysis for each user, empowering them to make informed decisions about their training regime.

But our community goes beyond just the data, it's about the human element. Our expert trainers are always on hand to offer support, guidance and motivation, ensuring that our users have access to a 360-degree support system.

Know your HR Zones

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Real-time heart rate tracking

  • Get personalised comprehensive digital report after every session.

  • Monitor and adjust training load seamlessly.​


Expert coaching and analysis

  • Get personalized training plans prepared by your dedicated marathon coach.

  • Coaches track, analyze and optimize your training regime.


Dedicated Expert Team

  • Get access to a team of nutrition, S&C and physiology experts.

  • Get bespoke fitness solutions to match your goals.


Train smarter, not harder

  • Improve your Cardiovascular Endurance and use your energy more efficiently.

  • Prevent Injuries and avoid burnout.

The Netrin Experience

Heartrate sensing


An ECG based chest strapped sensor calibrated after years of research to accurately measure your heart rate with precision.

Expert Coaches


Work together with expert marathon coaches to track your progress and unlock new levels to your running.

Netrin Community

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Run with the community of heart zone trainers that pushes and inspires each other at every stride they take.

Live Tracking

Track your heart rate real time and get live personalised reports through Netrin Enhance app to elevate your training game.

Our Philosophy

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Founded and set up at IIT Madras, Netrin is a human performance company backed by 7+ years of research at IIT Madras in physiological monitoring and motion sensing. The core team of Netrin hails from a research and product development background in wearable technology.
At core we are a sports tech company, guiding professional athletes to the pinnacle of their performance levels through our state of the art lab at IIT Madras. The Netrin heart rate sensor has been designed and calibrated using years of research and physiological data of athletes from all domain to capture heart rate with precision.
At Netrin, we believe in the synergy of Human Element along with the Cutting-Edge tech to attain maximum performance output. That's why we collaborate with running coaches, nutrition consultants, and physiologists to provide comprehensive support through run with Netrin. We believe that this personal touch sets us apart .

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