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At the heart of it all, we believe: Fitness is for everyone.

We’re not in the business of making fitness a complex activity. We’re in the business of making fitness accessible and less daunting… …and you best believe we pour our heart into it. 

But, what makes us believe?

You may know that Cardiovascular Diseases are the leading cause of deaths in India, as of 2024. This accounts for 24.8% of deaths in India.

But did you know that it is preventable?

Netrin’s has one vision:

We want every Indian

to have a healthy heart!

And we want to do it in a way that works for you.

Answering the ‘Hows

We wish to build the habit of fitness by bridging the motivation gap using the best of 2 worlds: Technology and Psychology.

Meet the people

behind this dream

Preejith | CEO


What makes their heart

beat faster: 

For the longest time he can recall - Preejith has been in the space of creating. From creating the country’s first endoscopic system to making a mobile vehicle that does cataract surgery in villages (With a run of over 50k surgeries) - Preejith has grown a lot.

And with him, his dream: To use technology to not just create, but to impact.

Alex | CTO

Btech IITM, Ex- Vimana

What makes their heart

beat faster: 

You could call Alex a startup wizard:Having worked in sector for over 10 years; Alex knows the game and plays it well. But if there’s one true way to describe Alex, it’s consistency. His 7 year long streak on Duolingo (Yes, 7 years), is testament to this fact.So here’s Alex, showing up, yet again with his consistent effort to: Build a product that adapts to people’s lifestyle; not have people adapt to the product.

They came, they saw and the

brought the best people with them:

Meet the Mentors

Rahul Vaidya

 Head Coach, Netrin

Avid triathlete and ultramarathoner

Multiple podium finishes in ultra trail running event

Numerous 100km ultra races under his belt

Coach Sheetal Patil 

India's first ACSM-certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Cardio Fitness Specialist; Pro marathon and ultra

marathon runner

1st place (40 and above category for females),

NEB- My Samay

Coach Prassanapriya Reddy 

Master of all trades: Rifle shooting, Mountaineering,

proficient runner

A bronze medal (Half marathon), Tata Mumbai Marathon

Runner at prestigious Boston Marathon 2024 Pune FM

Now that you’ve met our people, meet

our one singular, joint vision:

Take what Netrin stands for from India to the globe;

Fitness is for everyone.

But we’re not alone, to carry a dream this big, we’ve partnered with the best of the best.

IIT- M         Netrin


IIT-M; Our official Tech-Enablers

On your mark. Get set. Netrin?


Research Partner; hosts a lab and an official mentor from IIT-M

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